Sprayed Concrete

Curtis Gunite - South Africas Gunite Specialist.

Established in 1973.

Curtis Gunite commenced trading in 1973 as a specialist gunite company. With a crew dedicated to providing quality work, meeting the engineers specifications we are ideally suited to deliver. For over 30 years Curtis Gunite has executed contracts for a large number of the civil engineering companies as well as individual clients to meet their requirements.

Gunite is also called sprayed concrete or dry shotcrete and as such is an extremely versatile product as it is not restricted to having to be applied using formwork therefore saving costs and time. Sprayed concrete is used as lateral support for deep excavations in conjunction with soil anchors and or piling. Areas where severe soil erosion takes place can also be protected with sprayed concrete and mesh,  or fibre reinforced concrete.


Other applications include repairs to existing concrete structures where the existing concrete structure is deteriorating, irregular surfaces where traditional formwork would prove to be too costly and time intensive.


The construction of water retaining features, dams, pools is also a common use of sprayed concrete. Reinforcing existing precast walling to prevent intruders breaking through is also an excellent example of gunite being used to solve a problem.

Sprayed Concrete